Motanov Motanul Mov is an imagination trainer on Facebookgives feedback to short stories writers on the magazine’s website and writes our newsletter. In the past, he used to select stories from readers for Revista de Povestiri, gave prompts for stories at our launching events, made many friends and traveled to Mongolia and Tanzania.

Unfortunately, as he violated Facebook policy by being imaginary, his profile was turned into a page and all comments – responses to his prompts – deleted. Luckily, we already had published some of the imagination trainings and the stories written by his friends in response, on this page.

In January 2014, he invented Academia Motanov, taking as a model the imaginary academy he went to as a kitten.

Living in the magazine


Motanov’s birthday parties and special soirees

Motanov and friends

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Travelling abroad

Stimulating imagination with prompts