Brain Fitness is a small Romanian NGO founded in 2012, based in Bucharest, which deals with culture and creativity. It creates communities of creative people, of young age or young heart. It facilitates meetings between renowned and emerging creatives, and in general supports people to express their unique view of the world through their passions. We have to admit that in what we do, we are a bit biased toward literature. Reviving interest for reading and writing is a big goal of our NGO, and engaging and friendly initiatives are the means to achieve this. People from Bucharest, but also from other cities in Romania and abroad, join in our projects by submitting their works and participating in workshops (live or on-line) and other challenges.

We are concerned with respecting these principles: diversity, equality of chances, sustainability, transparency, and you will see further on in this section how we keep them in mind. We contribute to the economy by employing trainers (in a project-based manner) and in other less obvious ways.

We work for the well-being and development of people, so we agree with Peter Drucker in his views on the not-for-profit organization: `Its product is a changed human being. The non-profit institutions are human-change agents. Their “product” is a cured patient, a child that learns, a young man or woman grown into a self-respecting adult; a changed human life altogether.`

Purpose (why we are here): To help people put their imagination to work.

Mission (what we do): We create spaces where people can express their imagination, we design workshops where they can get feedback on their creative work from engaged trainers, we develop other various cultural/creative/educational projects, often in collaboration with other entities in the cultural and creative industries.

Core Values (what we stand for, how we behave):

Imagination: We believe imagination has the power to drive change for a better future, whatever the field. Expressing it in art makes you happier and using it in everyday life diversifies your options.

Learning: We’re always looking to improve our knowledge and behavior. We are interested in what others know. We appreciate difference of opinion.

Change: We want to do things better – with better results, in a way that stimulates participation. Imagination, courage and learning will drive change.

Play: We don’t feel comfortable in very serious and formal environments. We like to play with words, with people, with ideas. We believe play is an essential activity that gives people the occasion to collaborate and compete, learn, have fun, live in the moment, be creative in their strategies.

Friendship: We are open and you can rely on us. Hope we can rely on you too. You can give us feedback and tell us the truth. We do our best to respect our promises. We hope you feel good when we’re together.