We have two educational projects, one for adults and one for children.

Club Revdepov is an umbrella under which we have recently moved our creative workshops, separating them from the literary magazine. We started with creative writing (over 100 trainees, 2 of which recently published short stories books) and later designed scriptwriting, calligraphy, communication, argumentation, graphic novel, photography workshops. We are focused on developing our portfolio. The main benefit of our workshops is the feedback emerging creatives get from our trainers, who have a great reputation in their respective fields and also have a friendly and engaged approach.

Find out more about Club Revdepov and see the photo gallery on the project’s page.

Academia Motanov started at the beginning of 2014 and grows slowly and steadily. It only has two workshops now, creative writing and drawing. The main benefit of the workshops it that they guide children through various ways of expression of their imagination and originality. The children are encouraged to explore. Our aim is for 50% of the content on the academy website to be created by children.

Find out more about Academia Motanov and see the photo gallery on the project’s page.

Creative writing workshop with orphan children by Academia Motanov

We organized this workshop at a care centre in Bucharest in November 2014 with the help of two creative writers from our workshops for adults and in partnership with Ajungem Mari, a project aiming at increasing orphans’ chances through education. Our 2 lovely trainers had 6 classes with the children and got them interested in inventing stories on the spot. The goal was to get them closer to stories and develop their language and speaking capabilities. Trainers used improvisation games, collages and creative limitations to increase participation. The short stories children wrote were funny and touching.

We plan to repeat the workshop in the future with more children and to design other workshops for children at risk, involving the creative communities we create through our adults workshops.