Free or discounted participation in our workshops for NGO members and low income earners

Since April 2015 we offer 50% discount for NGO members and free participation in our workshops for people in a small income situation, with no work submission requirements.

Pop-up Stories Club – Book club promoting fiction reading and Romanian writers

Starting April 2015, we meet every month to have a thought provoking discussion around the subject, story and ideas from a novel written by a Romanian writer. The meeting is intimate and has an unconventional format. The author is not present, but we invite 2 guests (who read the book themselves) that we feel have a strong connection to the themes of the book – we have had visual artists, psychologists, musicians, journalists and so on. As this is an event addressed to people who don’t usually read fiction, we felt that this format will be more appealing to them. The idea is to stimulate their appetite for fiction and make them read the book after the meeting. Students have free entrance at the event.

The Reading Marathon – Contest/campaign for promoting fiction reading

We organized a reading marathon in April 2013, in partnership with 9 publishing houses in Romania who donated around 300 fiction books. 30 young people enrolled in this fiction marathon. They could read another book only after sending us a review of the one before, which we then published on our website, here. We wanted to show people that they can read more, by creating a superhero reader to inspire them. This was the winner, who read and reviewed 45 books in one month. We launched this competition through a creative event, “Occupy the Subway”, in partnership with Metrorex, which gathered more than 150 people who came with a book and read from one end of the subway line to the other, shocking people who got on the train in the stations on the way and saw a train with so many people reading. You can see photos from the event in this album.

Partnership with for promoting rarely used words

It was a project we had in 2013, aimed at enriching our fans’ vocabulary by publishing on our website stories that included 10 rarely used words. Every Thursday, on Motanov’s Facebook page, we also encouraged people to make up their own short stories using interesting words, as a response to his imagination trainings.

Storytellers Festival – failed project

It was supposed to be the first edition of a Storytellers Festival, resembling the event in Israel, at a much smaller scale. It was the idea of the Gaudeamus Book Fair director and it was going to take place at the book fair, in autumn 2012. We decided to gather a few taxi drivers as guests, which seemed like a good idea – taxi drivers have great stories to tell, but apparently they are quite shy and don’t want to tell their stories in front of an audience.

Letters from readers distributed randomly to other readers

We gathered 30 letters from readers to anonymous receivers and placed them in the 7th issue of Revista de Povestiri at the launching event, in October 2012. It was a game they really appreciated.

Imagination challenges at cultural events

Revista de Povestiri was present at lots of cultural events – music and film festivals, book fairs, advertising events, urban gatherings around various causes. You can see here a long list of events we took part in and what was the imagination challenge we brought to each one of them.

Democratic principles and values T-shirts

In December 2013, hearing everybody invoke `democratic principles and values’ without naming them, we made 100 T-shirts on which we printed 10 democratic values and principles. This was in the context of the civic uprising against the Parliament’s attempt to modify the Penal Code in favor of the corrupt. We still have some.

Gathering clothes and donating them

We did this twice, in December 2012 and 2014 and donated the clothes to an NGO who helped poor children and to an NGO who helped homeless people.