At the time we are writing this page we just finished restructuring what to do so that everything is easier to understand and to manage, in other words we just rebranded 😀 So this is the new starting point, autumn 2015.

What we would be really glad to achieve this year:

Brain Fitness >

  • 1 international collaboration or foreign language project

Revista de Povestiri >

  • 3 short stories/articles/reviews/interviews published every week on the website
  • Readership increased by 20% and an equivalent increase of the time spent on the site
  • 50 submissions to the first short stories contest and 10% increase in each new one

Motanov >

  • 1 post every day on Facebook
  • Increased posts reach every month
  • Engagement like in the old days> comments to his posts making use of imagination and happiness flowing through 😀

Club Revdepov >

  • 1 post every week on the blog
  • Increased frequency of workshops for the ones in demand
  • Increased diversity – minimum 2 new
  • Increased number of online workshops – communication workshop on Google Hangouts
  • Using the specialized creative communities we developed in interesting projects (most free of charge)

Academia Motanov >

  • 1 post every week on the blog
  • 50% website content written by children
  • Increased frequency of workshops for the ones in demand
  • Increased diversity – minimum 1 new
  • 1 workshop in another city – let’s experiment!

Free educational initiatives/projects >

  • Needs identified
  • Increased number of projects for children and unemployed people

Feedback gathering so we can improve >

  • Feedback survey after every workshop, as usual
  • Feedback form on our websites

HR >

  • 1 paid PR helper for promoting what we do for greater awareness and to give Simina more time for strategic thinking
  • 5 volunteer collaborators for Revista de Povestiri – writing reviews for short story books and Romanian fiction books – one published every week
  • President of the NGO learns constantly, as she tends to. Financial education would be a priority.

Social communications >

  • Relevant, diverse and engaging content on the Facebook pages
  • Targeted ads – let’s learn how to do that

Sustainability >

  • Make the most of our resources – time, skills, platforms, relations
  • Capitalize on our assets – use what we achieved for future projects
  • Financial predictability – save money for future projects; special expertise would be great
  • Build strong partnerships and sustain existing ones

Supporting creative and cultural initiatives and NGO’s initiatives >

  • Media releases published on our websites, according to content
  • Creative support by request – free concept, writing
  • Coaching 1 on 1 by request – at special rates