We consider ourselves a social business, in the sense that our projects are self-sustained, through individual contributions from people who participated in our workshops or bought our magazines. We want to sustain relevant projects, in order to serve the communities of creative people, which is why the quality of what we do and the relationship with our target are very important to us. We also have projects free of charge and we plan on developing this area to increase equality of access.

Our NGO is now mainly funded through donations for participation in the creative workshops we organize. When we founded of the organization in February 2012, the founders contributed 2000 euros, necessary for printing 2000 copies of the first issue of the literary magazine Revista de Povestiri and organizing the launching event. Afterwards, the money came from selling the magazines in our on-line shop and in bookshops, from selling promotional items with Motanov, from the supporters who directed 2% of their taxes to us, through customized creative collaboration with brands (Orange, Zuzu, Frufru, Zehava). Other brands helped us cut costs, like Adobe, who offered us the Creative Suite we used to design the magazine and other materials. Love Issue relied mainly on crowdfunding from photography lovers. F64 and other brands also supported its publication.

We also provide communication and DTP services and this helped us gather funds too.

We never had public funding or corporate funding through CSR programs.

During the first year and a half, the money we gathered was spent on printing the magazines (printing one issue of Revista de Povestiri costed 1000 euros for 1000 copies). Lately, it has been spent mostly on the trainers’ fees (generally, this means 60% of the money donated by the participants) and logistics for the workshops (not much, our workshops take place in partner coffee shops with no renting costs). We also advertise on Facebook now 😀

Voluntary work helped reduce costs – the founding members dedicated a huge amount of their time to the NGO, the volunteers that helped with the launching events of the literary magazine were always enthusiastic and reliable, the authors sent their work and only received 5 copies of Revista de Povestiri, not money.

Partners also helped us save money – niche media, publishing houses, food services, fairs and festivals, illustrators’ communities, legal counselors, tea houses and coffee shops, sponsors for prizes for contests and other initiatives, and Teaser, the advertising boutique that helped us all along with the brand ID, design of communication materials and advice.

Brain Fitness legal information

Fiscal code: 29841176

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Registered in the Associations and Foundations Registry: file no 4900/299/14.02.2012

Mail address: Str. Petru Poni nr. 1-3 sc D ap 29 sector 1 București

Bank account: RO94INGB0000999902936185 (ING Bank Bucharest)