Autumn workshops collection

Long time no see. Autumn is the busiest season for us, here is the proof.

News from Club Revdepov


This autumn we had many writers coming to our ongoing literary meetings – Creative Writing Sundays. We had the honor to have these wonderful writers come and give feedback to our students: Cezar Paul-Bădescu, Lavinia Bălulescu, Veronica D. Niculescu, Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari and Maria Manolescu.


We also had another session of our beloved group coaching in interpersonal communication workshop coordinated by Magda BuneaNestworking.


Another one of our alumni launched his debut short stories book at Gaudeamus book fair this November. All the space between my ears is edited by Polirom publishing house. Congrats, Bogdan Răileanu! Read the interview we took here.

We are proud to announce that the alumni of our children literature workshop taught by Adina Popescu launched a stories website on the 19th of November at Cărturești library in Bucharest. The event featured public lectures from the website and a workshop for children. Congrats, NOI povești!

News from Academia Motanov

Ștefania Iorgoiu taught another cursive calligraphy for children in Bucharest. There were 12 participants, more than ever, and a very easy to work with group.

We also finished another edition of the creative writing workshop for children, coordinated by Adina Rosetti, you can read here one beautiful story created by one of the kids.

News from Revista de Povestiri


On Giving Tuesday, we offered 100 Revista de Povestiri magazines to people who told us what frame of the GIF they got when making a print screen. That was the issue we sent them.

Read here the stories selected recently at our creative writing workshops, written by Cezara Popescu, Florin Spătaru, Cătălina Cosmescu-Bibire, Andrada Clonțea, Ruxandra Bancu, Nicoleta Balaciu, Laura Pamfiloiu, Veronica Stănică, Ramona Micu, Letiția Bărbuică, Horea Sibișteanu, Simona Goșu, Tudor Antemir.

Andreea Apostu wrote two new book reviews in the last months, for Veronica D. Niculescu’s Spre văi de jad și sălbăție and for Iulian Tănase’s Melciclopedia.

Other news


Our coach Magda Bunea wrote an extensive piece for the Golden Book of Romanian Public Relations, that maybe you can still find in libraries this year if you are lucky.


We offered three free entries to Creative Writing Sundays for the teens that won the literary contest organized by Scrie povestea ta social project.


Magda Bunea, our coach and collaborator offered free coaching to the volunteers at Ajungem Mari NGO – they train children in foster care in school subjects and creative arts.

Stories from young and younger writers

News from Club Revdepov

We finished yet another edition of our popular calligraphy workshop and now we returned to the autumn schedule, with other two editions by the end of the year.

Creative Writing Sundays is back in business! The first meeting was with writer Alex Tocilescu, proud author of The Empire of Cats.


News from Academia Motanov

We recently published the stories written by the children who participated last year in our creative writing workshop with Adina Rosetti. Read and laugh on the blog.


News from Revista de Povestiri

Writer Lavinia Bălulescu was the one to read and select the stories enrolled in our regular short stories contest.

Lavinia Balulescu

Congratulations to the winners of the contest, read their stories here. Our next contest is open until the 1st of December, feel free to join in!


News from Club Revdepov

Creative Writing Sundays ended in July, with a meeting with writer and university teacher Simona Popescu. CWS is taking its summer vacation, but it will be back starting the 17th of September.

by Magda Bunea
by Magda Bunea

We had a summer edition of the calligraphy workshop in July, and we are now preparing the august edition, join in for a compressed version of the workshop – only two weeks, on consecutive days (Monday – Thursday).

magda bunea

We are also preparing a new edition of our beloved communication workshop with coach Magda Bunea. Apply until the 1st of September!

News from Academia Motanov

The creative writing workshop for children with Adina Rosetti is once again open for enrollment! We skipped the spring edition and the summer school, so we can barely wait for the autumn workshop to start.

News from Revista de Povestiri

Revista de Povestiri published recently the best short stories written at the creative writing workshop taught by Cezar Paul-Bădescu and Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu. Congrats to all participants! Read the stories selected by Cezar: Ioana Dobrinescu, Cătălina Cosmescu-Bibire, Andrada Clonțea and Iulia Antal.

Also, our online magazine has a new ISSN number, bureaucracy is on our side now.

Other news


Simina Diaconu, our NGO’s president, shared her opinions on creativity for CTRL+D magazine, along with 19 other creatives, read the whole story here.

Creative writing at Vama Veche and other news

News from Club Revdepov

We just returned from a wonderful holiday at Vama Veche, where writer Dan Coman lead a creative writing workshop for 12 creative people. Among the fun literary activities was a collective poem and a public lecture from everyone’s journal of the camp. Sun bathing, dancing in the moonlight, boardgames, so many beautiful memories!

Before that, we had another creative writing workshop, the first one taught by writers Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu and Cezar Paul-Bădescu, in Bucharest. Prepare your best prose for the next edition, in October!

atelier scriere creativa bogdan alexandru stanescu si cezar paul badescu

Our ongoing meetings with writers – Creative Writing Sundays – are about to take a break, and we will start over in September. Save your place until it’s too late! (Below, Dan Coman and the students having fun at feedback time – the homework involved a sex scene, and everyone knows they are so hard to write!)

dan coman la creative writing sundays

Our 26th edition of the calligraphy workshop taught by Another Outsider and Bine Scris finished at the end of May. But we have a new summer edition starting soon.

atelier caligrafie primavara

News from Academia Motanov

We are preparing for a calligraphy summer school for children aged 9 to 12, with lovely teacher Ștefania Iorgoiu. Who urged to go and but the new funky ink colors they brought at the art shop.

cerneala colorata caligrafie

News from Revista de Povestiri

Let’s see what you can read in our magazine.

Writer Michael Haulică selected the best short stories from our quarterly contest, you can read them here. Below are the authors.

Also, read the best short stories written at Creative Writing Sundays here.

Finally, read our three recent interviews. With science-fiction writer Dănuț Ungureanu, with writer Filip Florian and with foreign writers Daša Drndić (Croatia) and Dragan Velikić (Serbia) (EN).

Stories, workshops, the usual

News from Club Revdepov

atelier scriere creativa bas cpb

The 10th edition of our creative writing workshop in Bucharest brought together 10 students eager to hone their fiction writing skills. Open Art bookshop is the lovely place where they gather along with their trainers, Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu and Cezar Paul-Bădescu, every Monday and Thursday.

danut ungureanu

Creative Writing Sundays, our ongoing creative writing series, had two new guests, Dănuț Ungureanu and Ion Manolescu. They had the students writing about dystopia and affairs. We’ll certainly have them around next year too.

News from Revista de Povestiri

michael haulica jurizeaza concurs

We have a new short stories contest, this time your story will be evaluated by science-fiction writer Michael Haulică. Send your text in by the 1st of June.


Andreea Apostu wrote a review of Philip O Ceallaigh‘s short story book, Însemnări dintr-un bordel turcescread it here.

Read the best stories written by our students and selected by our trainers last month – Error by Letitia Bărbuică, Liniște by Ramona Micu and Autostrada Soarelui, by Veronica Stănică.

Other news

Last call for redirecting 2% of your income tax to our NGO, send us the form asap!


News from Club Revdepov

We’re proud to have two new great writers in our team. Cezar Paul-Bădescu is the new colleague of Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu and together they teach our creative writing workshop in Bucharest, while Dan Coman is the new trainer for the creative writing workshop we organize in Vama Veche, at the seaside.

filip florian la creative writing sundays

Last month we also had the pleasure of having writer Filip Florian as a guest at Creative Writing Sundays for the first time.

Another calligraphy workshop finished in March.


Our alumnus Cristian Ghica published a poetry book – nezeu trăiește la bloc – in January so we asked him a few questions, read about him and his writings here.

News from Academia Motanov


A new calligraphy workshop for kids taught by Ștefania Iorgoiu finished this weekend. Children practice patience and focus, resulting in rounder letters, thus improved readability.

News from Revista de Povestiri

Our short story contest announced its winners – Cristina Cozmovici, Horia Sibișteanu, Petru Albu, Radu Monoranu, read their stories here, selected by writer Bogdan Munteanu. If you think you’re just as good, participate in our next short story contest!

We also published the best stories written at Creative Writing Sundays, selected by the last two guests, Filip Florian and Corina Sabău. Read the stories here.


If you are in the mood for a playful poetry book, our colleague Andreea Apostu has a recommendation.

Other news

130 de minute

Traian Stanciu, the vice-president of our NGO, started a movie review Facebook page called 130 minutes, check it out!


Also from Facebookland, don’t forget that you can train your imagination every night with Motanov Motanul Mov. If you don’t think you have the head for that, you can always buy one, as you can see above!

2% for Brain Fitness

If you’re lucky to have a job, we’re lucky to know you! Please direct to our NGO 2% of the income tax for last year. Learn how here.

News from Club Revdepov


An edition of the interpersonal communication workshop, NESTworking, just ended this week. But until the 15th of March, you can join in our next edition. Or, if you want an in house communication training that would make collaboration easier in the workplace, read more on NESTworking corporate website.

caligrafie bucuresti

Calligraphy had a great start, too, with 14 participants in the first edition of the workshop this year. It is a time when we feel thankful to our trainers, Another Outsider and Bine Scris, for a great partnership – 3 years since our first calligraphy workshop and 23 editions to date.

marin malaicu hondrari

As for our online workshop for creative writers, things are looking good. Some of the participants, those living in Cluj-Napoca, even met their trainer (writer Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari) for a beer, as he was in town for a few days. Connections may start online, but they often go beyond laptop screens.

We had the pleasure of having writers Bogdan Munteanu and Ovidiu Verdeș for the first time at Creative Writing Sundays. As a consequence, we used the opportunity to ask them a few questions, with the interests of our students in mind. Read in Revista de Povestiri and interview with Bogdan Munteanu and an interview with Ovidiu Verdeș.

News from Academia Motanov

scriere creativa editia 6 academia motanov

No news here, just a picture from the last creative writing workshop for children.

News from Revista de Povestiri


Andreea Apostu wrote a review of a new book by one of her favorite poets, Ioan Es. Pop. Read it here.

And of course, we invite you to read the recent short stories, because, as you know, we only publish the best – the ones chosen by writers invited to our workshops. You can see above the happy faces of the authors.

Young Romanian Writer of The Year

News from Club Revdepov

tanarul scriitor tudor ganea

The award for the young romanian writer of the year 2016 went to Tudor Ganea, one of our alumni! Last year, he published his first novel, Cazemata, with Polirom Publishing House. Read our interview with him before his book appeared.

Speaking of interviews, here is another one with Emil Duhnea, who published his first novella – Fără zei, fără stăpâni at the end of last year.

In other news, our first workshop on writing children books, lead by writer Adina Popescu, fnished in January. As a result, a new collaborative project is being born, but we will wait until it is ready to tell you more about it.

Writers Maria Manolescu and Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu came to Creative Writing Sundays, gave feedback on trainees’s works and discussed character purpose and unreliable narrator technique.

News from Academia Motanov


A new creative writing workshop for children led by writer and journalist Adina Rosetti finished and children’s selected stories were published in a mini-magazine. You will be able to read them on the Academy website soon.

News from Revista de Povestiri

Our collaborator Andreea Apostu read two books published last year that many book lovers talked about. Read her reviews for Interior zero, by Lavinia Braniște and Ai uitat să râzi, by Bogdan Munteanu.

Speaking of Bogdan Munteanu, don’t forget to take part, by the 1st of March, in our short stories contest that he will be the judge of.

If you want to be inspired, read some of the stories we published recently.

News from Motanov Motanul Mov

Motanov, the purple cat, is back in business as an imagination coach. Train your creative brain on his page!

Christmas offer and other news

News from Club Revdepov

voucher club revdepov

We thought we should make things easier for Santa so we cut 20% off three creative workshops, one of every category we have – writing, speaking and visual arts. Check it out, until the 20th of December.

Since October, 4 writers came at Creative Writing Sundays to give feedback on the short stories written by those who aspire to become writers. You can read here the stories that Cezar Paul-Bădescu, Lavinia Braniște, Mihai Radu and Adrian Schiop liked the most.


Sorin Trăistaru and Georgian Constantin taught a new calligraphy workshop, this time at Lente & Șotron with such a lovely view.

Another workshop that took place this autumn was the creative writing one, with writers T. O. Bobe and Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu. No pictures to prove it, unfortunately!


Also in the creative writing realm, we had great feedback after the first online workshop with writer Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari.

A second stop motion workshop with Serghei Chiviriga took place at Xtreme Media Services. We are still waiting for most of the videos to be ready, and we invite you to the launch of a music video created at the workshop!

On Club Revdepov blog we took two interviews of our alumni. Mihai Alexandru Dincă published two books, one short stories collection and a novella (interview). Maria Popa is managing a growing literature project – Liceul Cosmic (interview).

News from Academia Motanov

Ștefania Iorgoiu taught children to play with letters, instruments, crafting, because calligraphy can be fun!

News from Revista de Povestiri

Writer Lavinia Braniște chose the best short stories in the competition that ended on the 1st of December. Our next writing contest will have writer Bogdan Munteanu judge the greatness of your writing, send a short story until the 1st of March 2017!

Andreea Apostu wrote about two books published in new editions by Polirom publishing house – Tinerețile lui Daniel Abagiu, by Cezar Paul Bădescu (novel) and Celelalte povești de dragoste, by Lucian Dan Teodorovici (short stories).

See you in 2017!

Who wants to write for children?

News from Club Revdepov


If you want to read your child a bedtime story written by yourself, you’re invited to our new workshop with writer Adina Popescu! Learn more here.

In other news, summer is gone and these pictures from the creative writing workshop with T. O. Bobe at Vama Veche can only make us nostalgic.

From the 25th of September, Creative Writing Sundays started again. Marian Truță and Veronica D. Niculescu came to read the short stories presented to them and help the newbies with their input. Read in Revista de Povestiri the best stories they received.

Marian Truță, for the first time at Creative Writing Sundays

On the Club Revdepov blog you can also read an interview with alumna Anca Goja, who recently published a stort stories book, `Fabrica de fericire.


News from Academia Motanov

We were invited by Creative Est festival (dedicated to creative industries in the Balkans) to organize a calligraphy workshop for children on their „Family Day”. We went, and our teacher Ștefania Iorgoiu trained a lovely family – a boy and his mother.


On Academia Motanov blog you can now read the stories written by the children who participated at the creative writing summer school with Adina Rosetti. Click here and you’ll be able to read a dog’s diary, a scenario involving a kleptomaniac goddess and a pirate, the sad story of a knight who tried to save a princess and what would happen if smartphones took over the world.

News from Revista de Povestiri

We have a new writing contest, send us a short story until the 1st of December and writer Lavinia Braniște will read it. The best stories are published in the magazine and the best three rewarded with a place at Creative Writing Sundays.

Andreea Apostu wrote two new book reviews and promised to do it more often! Read about Logodnica – schițe și povestiri and about Mort după om.