Since the coronavirus outbreak in Romania, we moved most of our writing workshops online, using videoconferencing tools. Hurray to that, let’s hope we won’t grow too accustomed to using them.

News from Club Revdepov

Since last time we published news about our activity here, last October, we had a number of creative adventures.

The first intensive creative writing workshop led by the well-known writer Filip Florian lasted until January and revealed some very interesting pieces of fiction, which you can read in Revista de Povestiri. Here you can see the first class, when everybody was a little anxious and Filip was wandering if he would resist not smoking for two hours! He did.

Also a premiere was the online workshop focused on writing for children, taught by writer Florin Bican. He chose to help attendees to practice recycling classic children stories, which proved to be a good idea, since everyone appreciated it and had lots of fun during the weeks of the training. Enrol now in the course starting this May!


Creative Writing Sundays, our ongoing program that allows for the highest number of participants at the same time (30) has become more and more popular and we had to open waiting lists. Lots of great writers (and one editor!) visited us in the past months: Maria Manolescu, Veronica D. Niculescu, Mihai Bădică, Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu, Ana Maria Sandu, Doina Ruști, Mike Haulică, Eli Bădică, Corina Sabău and Ovidiu Verdeș.

After the sessions of our workshop dedicated to poetry – Mornin Poets’ – Andrei Zbîrnea, the workshop host, organised a lovely event where alumni read some of their poems. On the 11th of December, at Beat bar umanist in Bucharest, we had to bring chairs from the whole bar to accommodate the people who came to listen to new poets. That was surprising!


This spring we are having another series of meetings, apparently online, which is new and fun, with poets Andrei Mocuța, Răzvan Țupa, Andrei Dosa and Nora Iuga.


We also had online workshops that were designed to be so, like the one taught by writer Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari. There were two of them, one for newbies and one for advanced participants, which is still going on. We have one writer attending from Australia so really you can participate no matter where you live your life story.


For the calligraphy side of our story, we were just as busy: one edition of the calligraphy workshop at the end of last year and one at the beginning of 2020, this one with two groups, because the demand was high.

Ștefania Iorgoiu, the calligraphy trainer, had an idea: what if we organised a special Christmas edition of the workshop, for our alumni, teaching them the capitals and how to apply calligraphy skills to crafting seasonal decorations. That’s exactly what we did! And then we did it again before the 1st of March, to give them the opportunity to prepare beautifully written spring cards and protective „mărțișoare”. These workshops were dedicated exclusively to our alumni, since one had to know the basics of the modern calligraphy hand.

Here is a video made by the national television on World Handwriting Day, featuring our trainer, see it here.

News from Academia Motanov

For the kids, we prepared a creative writing workshop for children aged 10 to 14, taught by writer Sînziana Popescu (interview). We couldn’t have it when planned, last autumn, so we moved it to March, when, because of the pandemic, we had to move it online. But kids were happy to learn and interact, they are screen natives so no problem there.

On the calligraphy side, last year was really full, with three edition, each with two groups of children, depending on how much help they needed with their handwriting. We planned on reiterating this spring, but we will see if that is still possible. Seeing these pictures from our training safe space makes us a bit sad not to be able to get children together and practice there.

News from Revista de Povestiri

We had two short stories contests, see the selected works we published here and here. Thanks to the writers who made the selection – Michael Haulică and Augustin Cupșa. Congratulations to the authors – Andrian Bîtcă, Romulus Boldea, Corneliu Ion, Florentina Ionescu ,Adriana Jderu, Costel Macovei, Mirela Năstăsache, Alexandru Olteanu, Criss Philoianos, Ioana Serota.

Apart from the winners of the contest, we published the best short stories selected at our creative writing workshops. Read them here. Their names: Ruxandra Bancu, Ramona Bratu, Adelina Butnaru, Alin Buzoianu, Alina Cobzac, Claudia Cojocaru, Laura Cosma, Cătălina Cosmescu-Bibire, Cristina Diaconescu, Bianca Leuca, Irina Lupu, Alexandra Meckl, Răzvan Macovei, Ramona Micu, Dana Mihu, Lavinia Mitu, Laura Pamfiloiu, Luiza Popa, Octavian Puric, Ioana Serota, Simina Sava, Horea Sibișteanu, Veronica Stănică și Romanița Vrânceanu.

Simona Sava also published a children’s book that won the Arthur Trophy and was launched in november 2019. It is called „Mi-a rămas dulapul mic”`, buy it here.

mi-a ramas dulapul mic simona sava

Other news

In other news, this year, on the 15th and 16th of February we organised our first creative writing workshop with a partner, namely the Hungarian Cultural Institute. We invited a Romanian writer who is bilingual – Demény Péter (interview) so we could have participants write in any language they preferred – Romanian or Hungarian.

workshop scriere creativa club revdepov institutul maghiar

If you want to support our activity (by the way, this March we celebrated 8 years of creative existence!), fill this form and send it to us as soon as possible.

And if you are feeling down because of the pandemic, escape for a few moments by using Motanov‘s imagination training activities.

motanov pandemie

Writing is our passion

But not writing on this blog, apparently! We’ve been lazy again about reporting on our NGO activity. Don’t worry, we have lots of stories to tell, just less time to do so.

News from Club Revdepov

The last time we updated the blog was last February so we have to start by telling you that the event (celebrating 100 Creative Writing Sundays meetings) we were so proud to prepare at that time was great and even left something behind, useful for those who want to get published but don’t know what the editors are looking for or how they think. Watch the full recording of the editors panel featuring Eli Bădică from Nemira Publishing House, Alex Voicescu from Herg Benet, Cosmin Perța from Paralela 45 and Adrian Botez from Polirom.

Many thanks to our precious Traian Stanciu for moderating and to our team of volunteers for helping out. See the pics here.

Since then, soooo many things happened!

Three of our alumni published short stories books, Horea Sibișteanu – „Fetis” (interview), Doru Preda – „Candido” (interview) and Andrei Panțu – „Tonomatul” (interview).

We continued to have workshops dedicated to creative writing, like the evergreen Creative Writing Sundays which brought close to the emerging writers established writers such as Ana Maria Sandu, Ovidiu Verdeș, Corina Sabău, Mihai Radu, Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu, Ionuț Chiva, Simona Sora, Adrian Schiop, Adina Popescu, Simona Antonescu, Dănuț Ungureanu and Cătălin Pavel.

Mornin’ Poets had another season last spring and just opened another one in September, hosted by Andrei Zbîrnea, with poets like Tara Skurtu, Simona Popescu, Romulus Bucur, Lavinia Bălulescu, Vasile Leac, Iulia Militaru and Cosmina Moroșan. They talked about the „cadavre exquis” technique, horror poems, how death can appear in poems, performance art in poetry and so many other things. We’re preparing a new season, join us!

Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari had two online creative writing workshops and one in Vama Veche. The other writer that we tricked into coming with us to the sandy beaches was Dan Coman. They did not complain!

Children literature was also one of our interests, we had a workshop taught by writer Laura Gűnberg last spring and recently we brought in another great writer in this field, Florin Bican, who will train the group online, via Google Hangouts. This is the second creative writing workshop that migrates online, giving the opportunity to participate to Romanians living outside Bucharest.


Another great news is our collaboration with the famous writer Filip Florian, who is teaching this autumn a creative writing workshop in a wonderful bookshop – Librarium TNB in the heart of Bucharest.


On the calligraphy side, we continue to collaborate with our great calligrapher Ștefania Iorgoiu. We had 5 workshops since February and a new one will begin soon, enrol now and start making beauty with your handwriting!

News from Academia Motanov

Last spring we collaborated with a new trainer, writer Veronica D. Niculescu, and had a wonderful workshop that resulted in a collection of short stories written by children, that you can download here.

Changes came one after the other and the news is that for the autumn edition, our new collaborator is writer Sînziana Popescu, enrollment is still open until the 23rd of October.

We organized a creative calligraphy program for children in the summer, and we are also preparing a new edition starting next week, find out more.

As for the workshop aimed at helping children who struggle with their handwriting, we had two editions, and what is new is that we divided the children in two groups, according to the size of the problem, and our trainer Gloria Popa worked better with them in this way.

News from Revista de Povestiri

Revista de Povestiri kept on publishing original short fiction works, either selected through our literary contest or by the trainers of our creative writing workshops. Read the stories selected by writers Ovidiu Verdeș, Adrian Schiop and Maria Manolescu. Thanks to the authors for choosing our literary magazine! We assure you we stay open to quality fiction if you live in Romania or abroad, you can submit your story until the 1st of December 2019. You need to know that the jury always receives the texts anonymously, we make sure no bias is possible.

Here are the winners: Adriana Jderu, Irina Lupu, Violeta Mihăeș, Ionuț Ologu, Maria Orban, Astrig Popescu, Monica Terean, Ioana Unk.

As for the short stories selected during our creative writing workshops in Bucharest, online or at the seaside in Vama Veche, you probably already recognise the faces, some of these names begin to show up more lately 🙂 – Nicoleta Balaciu, Ruxandra Bancu, Andrada Clonțea, Alina Cobzac, Laura Cosma, Ramona Micu, Simona Sava, Veronica Stănică and Romanița Vrânceanu.

We also had poetry in our magazine, we published the poems selected at Mornin’ Poets workshop. Congrats to Andra Berilă, Călin Grigorescu, Alexandru Lăcătușu, Oana Nasta, Letiția Provian, Iulia Stoichiț, Sorin Voicu and Andrada Yunusoglu.

And hey, did you know you know you can train your imagination with the help of our purple cat, Motanov? We archived all the prompts that he published ob Facebook since 2012 on, they are displayed randomly here.

Other news

As more and more of our alumni get published at prestigious publishing houses, our effort is recognized by the editors of these fresh collections.

Brain Fitness NGO president, Simina Diaconu, went through a training program by Goethe Insitut called Cultural Management Academy, and met with cultural managers from Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Romania during a networking week in Plovdiv and a seminars week in Bucharest. We’ll wait and see what comes out of this!

cultural management academy 2019 bucharest

Our creative activities in the past 6 months

Yes, shame on us, we have neglected our NGO website and postponed writing about our creative deeds. It took us a long time to go through the last 6 months to gather info to show you that the last months were not boring at all for us.

First of all, let us invite you to a very special event dedicated to those who are passionate about creative writing. 100 de duminici is our free event on the 10th of February, starting at 7 pm at Fabrica club in Bucharest. This party (actually, yes, it’s a party) celebrated 100 creative writing meetings in that long standing workshop of ours – Creative Writing Sundays, that started in January 2014 and has brought closer to young writers almost 40 Romanian authors so far.

100 duminici scriere creativa

We invited 4 editors who manage book collections dedicated to Romanian authors (Polirom – Adrian Botez, Nemira – Eli Bădică, Paralela 45 – Cosmin Perța and Herg Benet – Alex Voicescu), some of them emerging writers, as we like them. We will have a panel discussing what they are looking for in a book, what are some trends they notices in the local literary community of writers and readers and advice for those who want to see their book published.

Also, we will be displaying some of the books our alumni published since 2014 – we did an inventory and were surprised to find out there were 43 books published – way to go, guys, you make us so proud! See here the book covers and other info. These are the covers:

carti absolventi club revdepov scriere creativa

We will end the event with a concert by a very playful and lovely band – Poetrip.

OK, now that we convinced you to come, we can go on with our regular reporting model.

News from Club Revdepov

We published a few interviews with alumni that recently published books. Read on the blog an interview with George Ștefan Niță, who wrote a poetry book, a dialogue with Iulian Popa who recently published a novel and a discussion with Cezar Amariei, who wrote a historical novel.

In September, we had a wonderful creative writing workshop at the seaside, but this time the trainer was writer Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari.


Marin also had a new edition of the online creative writing workshop were anyone can participate (if the sample text they send us passes the selection process) regardless of where they live. Young writers should have opportunities to become better even if they don’t live in the capital, right?

cws 19cws20mic

Since July, we had 10 workshops at Creative Writing Sundays, relying on the experience of writers like Doina Ruști, Vasile Ernu, Cezar Paul-Bădescu, Bogdan Munteanu (coming all the way from Timisoara), Maria Manolescu, Matei Florian, Veronica D. Niculescu, Andreea Răsuceanu, Alex Tocilescu and Tudor Ganea (who, as you know, is also our alumnus, who already published 3 great books).


What is new is that we created a new format for the poetry workshop and we named it Mornin’ Poets. Andrei Zbîrnea, himself a young poet, helped us organize the first edition. We were honored by the presence of poets like Miruna Vlada , sorin despoT, Svetlana Cârstean, Elena Vlădăreanu, Claudiu Komartin. At the last meeting we had a final beer together and Claudiu came up with the idea to invite the young witers to have a public reading of their poems at an event he will organize this February. Happy to see new opportunities appear for our alumni!

mornin poets final gathering

As for our calligraphy workshops, we had 5 editions of foundational hand with Another Outsider and 2 of modern calligraphy with Ștefania Iorgoiu.

The foundational hand one is now 5 years old, thanks to our alumna Mariana Constantinescu Purice for the Happy Birthday card on her practice notebook!

mariana constantinescu purice 5 ani

The modern cursive workshop is all about beauty and magic, as you can see below.

News from Academia Motanov


We had 2 editions of the calligraphy workshop taught by Gloria Popa that aims to correct ugly writing for children aged 9 to 14.  We call it functional calligraphy. Parents should know that no workshop is enough to improve bad writing that has been going on for years, so we recommend regular practice at home, supervised by a parent who can practice along with the kid, so the child does feel that calligraphy is worth while even for grown-ups.

News from Revista de Povestiri

We had two writing contests and published the short stories selected by writers Maria Manolescu and Veronica D. Niculescu. You can read here the stories by the people you see above – Andreea Drăghici, Cristina Chira, Florentina Mărăcine, Iunieta Sandu, Luminita Ion Vilciu and Mihai Balaceanu.

We also published, in our beloved Romanian short stories magazine, pieces written during our various workshops. Read them here. The authors are Laur Cavachi, Traian Stanciu, Simona Sava, Andrada Clonțea, Horea Sibișteanu, Gabriela Anton, Alina Cobzac, Crina Voinaghi, Nicoleta Balaciu, Ruxandra Bancu, Veronica Stan, Ramona Micu, Adelina Butnaru, Allex Trușcă and Andrei Constantin.

But guess what? We also started to publish poetry, since we now have a new poetry workshop. Read the poems here. Written by the poets below (for some of them it is obvious from the style of the pictures, really).

Other news

We contributed to the food and drinks menu of our place of choice when it comes to great atmosphere – it is also the space where most of our workshops take place. Lente invited us to write the beginning of some original stories inside the menu so that people can write along and collaborate to create a complete story. Until now, they have been a little shy, we must say.

Simina Diaconu, the president of Brain Fitness, who signed the texts in the menu, was also invited to write a piece in the newspaper printed during the biggest book fair in the country – Gaudeamus. Read it by opening the images in the gallery above.

And, finally, it’s that time of the year when we ask you to support our creative NGO by donating 2% of your income tax to us. Get the form here. Thank you!

Creative communities and new workshops

Long time no see!

But maybe you read about us in Dilema Veche magazine no 749, where Simina Diaconu wrote an article about our creative community of writers and calligraphers, built around Club Revdepov, in the context of non-formal education projects in Romania. Read her piece here. Many thanks to Adina Popescu for the invitation. Alumni Tudor Ganea, Oana Țepeș-Greuruș, Monica Patriciu and Adriana Pardău also wrote about their experience as students.

We also talked about teaching creative writing at a radio show hosted by Adela Greceanu and Matei Martin at Radio România Cultural, the end of June.

News from Club Revdepov


We are very excited about a new event we created recently – a writeathon! For one day, we invite people who are working on a literary project to come together and isolate themselves in a cosy place – Mansarda Lente – to write without interruptions. May imagination win over everyday distractions!

Another première in our portfolio is a new type of calligraphy workshop, this time focused on modern cursive calligraphy, taught by Ștefania Iorgoiu.


In June, we were happy to be back to Vama Veche, for the creative writing workshop led by Cezar Paul-Bădescu. The students wrote everyday, they commented on each other’s texts, we watched together Ana, mon amourbased on a book written by Cezar (Luminița, mon amour), danced on the beach and appreciated each other’s company.


Creative Writing Sundays ended in July for the summer holiday, but it will be back in September. We had the pleasure to meet again Adrian Schiop and Ovidiu Verdeș, but also to welcome new collaborators, writers Simona Sora, Simona Antonescu and Adrian Georgescu.

The children literature workshop had nice results – some of the stories written during the workshop were published in the online magazine NoiPoveș Great job, guys!

News from Academia Motanov

This summer, we decided to split our calligraphy workshop for kids in 2: one for the ones passionate about lettering, the other for the ones who struggle with handwriting. This is how the functional calligraphy workshop came about. Taught by Gloria Popa, the first workshop had 6 participants, all restless boys, but Gloria worked her magic and immersed them in the universe of beautiful writing.

The other workshop is creative calligraphy and is taught by our beloved collaborator Ștefania Iorgoiu.

News from Revista de Povestiri

Our short stories contest was judged by writer Ana Maria Sandu. Read here the best stories by Crina Voinaghi, Ana Ionescu and Mariana Băncilă.

Read here the best stories written during our creative writing workshops. Georgiana Codrescu, Horea Sibișteanu, Raluca Nagy, Florin Spătaru, Gabriela Anton, Veronica Stănică, Nicolae Rogoz, Vlad C. Dragne, Felicia, Damian, Veronica Sidon, Lorena Trâmbițaș, Diana Vlasa, Andrada Clonțea, Lavinica Mitu and Iulia Antal honoured our magazine with their stories.

Other news

We changed the website layout for Revista de Povestiri! Many thanks to our friend Stejar Stanciu for customizing that beautiful responsive design.

Brain Fitness Gym

Hello, imaginary readers! (We are writing mostly to have an archive of things we are doing, we don’t really expect anyone to care about our recent moves.) If you have the patience to read till the end, you will find out about this mysterious gym.

News from Club Revdepov

Creative Writing Sundays was honoured the past two months by the presence of writers Lavinia Braniște, Ion Manolescu, Matei Florian and Ana Maria Sandu.

We are secretly organizing an online workshop exclusively for people who already went through the creative writing online course with Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari.

We also had yet another calligraphy workshop and gathered photos of works by our alumni.

We worked a lot last month to transform two workshops – the children literature one and the science-fiction one. We changed the course frequency and format – now they are more relaxed (one class every two weeks) and the writers invited vary – the come in series of five.

So we now have Children Books Sundays, the first module featuring renowned writers of children books like Lavinia Braniște, Veronica D. Niculescu, Adina Popescu, Laura Grűnberg and Sînziana Popescu.

children_books_sundays bucuresti

And Fantastic Mondays, organized in partnership with, that focuses only on genres like science fiction, fantasy, fantastic, steam-punk, history, adventure, horror, dark and others. We are glad we can offer the students the chance of discussing their works with writers like Michael Haulică, Dănuț Ungureanu, Ana-Maria Negrilă, Oliviu Crâznic and Marian Truță.


Some great news from our creative alumni community – Ion Pleșa, who was a student of the first workshop we ever organized, in 2012, published a short stories book in a new contemporary Romanian literature collection from Nemira Publishing House. The book is called „Anotimpuri care nu se repetă”. Read here an interview with the author.

ion plesa

News from Academia Motanov

We had a calligraphy workshop for children recently, and our trainer Ștefania Iorgoiu found a way to also engage the parents!

She also appeared in Unica magazine, talking about the importance of hand writing in a lengthy interview taken by Adina Rosetti.


News from Revista de Povestiri

Our short story magazine published the best stories enrolled in our recurrent contest – the ones selected by writer Matei Florian. Read them here. Congratulations to the authors – Gabriela Anton, George Mocanu, Irina Cocoșilă, Ioana Costăchescu, Alina Cobzac și Andreea Drăghici.

We also published the best stories written by those who take part in our creative writing workshops. Read here great stories by

Andreea Apostu published a new book review, for Ana Maria Sandu’s most recent work – `Pereți subțiri, published by Polirom. Read it here.


Other news

We celebrated 6 years since our NGO was founded and our first project launched – Revista de Povestiri, on the14th of March 2012 @ Clubul Țăranului. Here we were, with a guest we then respected presenting the magazine as a pioneer project in the field. An account of the event and an audio of what was said is here.

An noooow, the gym! It is a 16 sqm space in the Gara de Nord area in Bucharest, that our beloved Magda Bunea owns. We redecorated to accommodate our children workshops and maybe more happenings in the future. It is a space where you can give your neurons a good creative workout! Special thanks to Andreea Moise, who allowed us to expose copies of some of her illustrations (this is the space where she took some illustration lessons with Diana Necșulescu about 3 years ago and look at her now!).

Starting fresh

Hello, 2018! We hope you will bring us new opportunities to develop our communities of creators and optimize our efforts. We already have some plans for this year, but all will be revealed at the right time.

Soooo, let’s start the inventory of the things we did in the last two months.

News from Club Revdepov

In December the creative writing workshop taught by Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu and Cezar Paul-Bădescu came to an end. When we got to the last meeting, we were surprised to see the alumni had already started the party!


Many thanks to the place were BAS held his classes, Bistro Matrioska, find out more about it in the interview we had with the founder.

The same place also hosted the second edition of the children literature workshop with Adina Popescu.

We had yet another calligraphy workshop led by Bine Scris and Another Outsider. This January we are proud to celebrate 4 years since the first edition of the workshop, in 2014. Many thanks to our teachers and the lovely places that hosted the workshop, especially Lente in recent years.

Our ongoing workshop, Creative Writing Sundays was honored by the presence of writers Oliviu Crâznic, Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu and Mihai Radu. Unfortunately no pic of Oliviu, must be because we were absorbed by his class.

We also have some news from our alumni. Alexandra Medaru published a poetry book and Tudor Ganea received the Young Writer Award for the second year in a row, for his novel – „Miere”.

News from Academia Motanov

We finally published the stories written by children at the workshop taught by Adina Rosetti last autumn. You can read them here.


News from Revista de Povestiri

New selected short stories written at our workshops are now available to read on the magazine website.

Many thanks to writer Maria Manolescu who selected the stories we received for our regular short stories contest. Read the chosen stories here. Be sure to send us a story for the current contest, where the appointed juror is writer Matei Florian.

We also published an interview with writer Lavinia Bălulescu and two book reviews written by Andreea Apostu: for „Imperiul pisicilor”, by Alex Tocilescu and for „Bărbatul care nu voia să se dea jos din pat”, by David Lodge.

Other news

Coach Magda Bunea volunteered again to train Ajungem Mari team to improve communications skills. Ajungem Mari is an NGO that deals with children in foster care – they have volunteers who teach different school subjects. We are proud Magda contributed to their confidence and capacity to deal with all kinds of communication situations.


Last but not least, the forms for redirecting 2% of taxes to our NGO are now available for download here. Thank you for your support!

Autumn workshops collection

Long time no see. Autumn is the busiest season for us, here is the proof.

News from Club Revdepov


This autumn we had many writers coming to our ongoing literary meetings – Creative Writing Sundays. We had the honor to have these wonderful writers come and give feedback to our students: Cezar Paul-Bădescu, Lavinia Bălulescu, Veronica D. Niculescu, Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari and Maria Manolescu.


We also had another session of our beloved group coaching in interpersonal communication workshop coordinated by Magda BuneaNestworking.


Another one of our alumni launched his debut short stories book at Gaudeamus book fair this November. All the space between my ears is edited by Polirom publishing house. Congrats, Bogdan Răileanu! Read the interview we took here.

We are proud to announce that the alumni of our children literature workshop taught by Adina Popescu launched a stories website on the 19th of November at Cărturești library in Bucharest. The event featured public lectures from the website and a workshop for children. Congrats, NOI povești!

News from Academia Motanov

Ștefania Iorgoiu taught another cursive calligraphy for children in Bucharest. There were 12 participants, more than ever, and a very easy to work with group.

We also finished another edition of the creative writing workshop for children, coordinated by Adina Rosetti, you can read here one beautiful story created by one of the kids.

News from Revista de Povestiri


On Giving Tuesday, we offered 100 Revista de Povestiri magazines to people who told us what frame of the GIF they got when making a print screen. That was the issue we sent them.

Read here the stories selected recently at our creative writing workshops, written by Cezara Popescu, Florin Spătaru, Cătălina Cosmescu-Bibire, Andrada Clonțea, Ruxandra Bancu, Nicoleta Balaciu, Laura Pamfiloiu, Veronica Stănică, Ramona Micu, Letiția Bărbuică, Horea Sibișteanu, Simona Goșu, Tudor Antemir.

Andreea Apostu wrote two new book reviews in the last months, for Veronica D. Niculescu’s Spre văi de jad și sălbăție and for Iulian Tănase’s Melciclopedia.

Other news


Our coach Magda Bunea wrote an extensive piece for the Golden Book of Romanian Public Relations, that maybe you can still find in libraries this year if you are lucky.


We offered three free entries to Creative Writing Sundays for the teens that won the literary contest organized by Scrie povestea ta social project.


Magda Bunea, our coach and collaborator offered free coaching to the volunteers at Ajungem Mari NGO – they train children in foster care in school subjects and creative arts.

Stories from young and younger writers

News from Club Revdepov

We finished yet another edition of our popular calligraphy workshop and now we returned to the autumn schedule, with other two editions by the end of the year.

Creative Writing Sundays is back in business! The first meeting was with writer Alex Tocilescu, proud author of The Empire of Cats.


News from Academia Motanov

We recently published the stories written by the children who participated last year in our creative writing workshop with Adina Rosetti. Read and laugh on the blog.


News from Revista de Povestiri

Writer Lavinia Bălulescu was the one to read and select the stories enrolled in our regular short stories contest.

Lavinia Balulescu

Congratulations to the winners of the contest, read their stories here. Our next contest is open until the 1st of December, feel free to join in!


News from Club Revdepov

Creative Writing Sundays ended in July, with a meeting with writer and university teacher Simona Popescu. CWS is taking its summer vacation, but it will be back starting the 17th of September.

by Magda Bunea
by Magda Bunea

We had a summer edition of the calligraphy workshop in July, and we are now preparing the august edition, join in for a compressed version of the workshop – only two weeks, on consecutive days (Monday – Thursday).

magda bunea

We are also preparing a new edition of our beloved communication workshop with coach Magda Bunea. Apply until the 1st of September!

News from Academia Motanov

The creative writing workshop for children with Adina Rosetti is once again open for enrollment! We skipped the spring edition and the summer school, so we can barely wait for the autumn workshop to start.

News from Revista de Povestiri

Revista de Povestiri published recently the best short stories written at the creative writing workshop taught by Cezar Paul-Bădescu and Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu. Congrats to all participants! Read the stories selected by Cezar: Ioana Dobrinescu, Cătălina Cosmescu-Bibire, Andrada Clonțea and Iulia Antal.

Also, our online magazine has a new ISSN number, bureaucracy is on our side now.

Other news


Simina Diaconu, our NGO’s president, shared her opinions on creativity for CTRL+D magazine, along with 19 other creatives, read the whole story here.

Creative writing at Vama Veche and other news

News from Club Revdepov

We just returned from a wonderful holiday at Vama Veche, where writer Dan Coman lead a creative writing workshop for 12 creative people. Among the fun literary activities was a collective poem and a public lecture from everyone’s journal of the camp. Sun bathing, dancing in the moonlight, boardgames, so many beautiful memories!

Before that, we had another creative writing workshop, the first one taught by writers Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu and Cezar Paul-Bădescu, in Bucharest. Prepare your best prose for the next edition, in October!

atelier scriere creativa bogdan alexandru stanescu si cezar paul badescu

Our ongoing meetings with writers – Creative Writing Sundays – are about to take a break, and we will start over in September. Save your place until it’s too late! (Below, Dan Coman and the students having fun at feedback time – the homework involved a sex scene, and everyone knows they are so hard to write!)

dan coman la creative writing sundays

Our 26th edition of the calligraphy workshop taught by Another Outsider and Bine Scris finished at the end of May. But we have a new summer edition starting soon.

atelier caligrafie primavara

News from Academia Motanov

We are preparing for a calligraphy summer school for children aged 9 to 12, with lovely teacher Ștefania Iorgoiu. Who urged to go and but the new funky ink colors they brought at the art shop.

cerneala colorata caligrafie

News from Revista de Povestiri

Let’s see what you can read in our magazine.

Writer Michael Haulică selected the best short stories from our quarterly contest, you can read them here. Below are the authors.

Also, read the best short stories written at Creative Writing Sundays here.

Finally, read our three recent interviews. With science-fiction writer Dănuț Ungureanu, with writer Filip Florian and with foreign writers Daša Drndić (Croatia) and Dragan Velikić (Serbia) (EN).